Payment Information

Mailing address for the checks:

c/o Kelly Miyaki
59 Mognolia Road,
Trumbull, CT 06611


Sponsor Responsibilities:

Please confirm your choice to sponsor OR not to sponsor this candidate as soon as possible by replying to the email ASAP.   The candidate is not fully registered for the RYLA conference and his/her spot is not reserved until your confirmation email is received.  We only take 80 participants and it is a first come, first serve basis.  There is no ‘allotted number’ of participants per club/organization therefore, you may sponsor as many participants as you choose.  We no longer accept applications after the Friday prior to the conference (i.e. 7 days prior to the conference).

We suggest you interview your candidate(s) and get to know these leaders and their families.  They are our future and represent you and your club/organization.


The cost is $275 per student.  This is under the “Rotary District 7980 Foundation”.  This is a tax free 501 (c) (3).  ALL PAYMENTS must be made PRIOR to the conference for this participant to attend.  Payments after the conference are no longer permitted (per District Foundation Rules).   Payments may be made by cash or check only at this time.  Please make all payments out to “Rotary District 7980 Foundation”, and we ask that you put the participant(s) last name(s) on the memo section of your check.

Any questions about Payments can be directed to:

Kelly Miyaki