As this RYLA comes to a close we would like to recognize an individual on our leadership team that encompasses what RYLA truly is.

  • This new award recognizes a member of the RYLA leadership team who has gone above and beyond the call of duty
  • I think my fellow facilitators would agree that this member would light his or herself on fire to keep the rest of us warm and brush it off as if it were no big deal.
  • This individual puts 150% in. He or she is here because they love the people within this program and they wish to further extend RYLA’s reach.
  • This person has a level of selflessness and humility beyond anyone we have ever met.  Their only flaw is that they don’t give themselves the credit they deserve.
  • This individual never stops enhancing the RYLA experience whether its helping participants or supporting facilitators
  • This person is always positive and is never afraid to jump into any situation and help out where they are needed.
  • This person puts in the greatest effort but keeps his or herself at an equal level with those around them, and always makes sure everyone is involved and that everyone involved is happy.
  • This person has a positive effect on the lives of others without even trying, for he or she cares so much about every person that steps into his or her life.
  • This individual shows an incredible acceptance by regarding those around them without judgement. They take the time and have the patience to truly get to know someone.
  • This individual gives everyone the respect they have earned and fosters a relationship through the mutual understanding of this respect.
  • This facilitator is a heart-worker and has consistently empowered others to lead with their whole-being throughout RYLA.
  • This facilitator has the power to ignite a fire in individuals that no one knew existed; they provide a shining light during times of hardship and struggle.

The award is named after the one person who encompasses RYLA and holds all these characteristics.  We present the Anthony Masi Service above Self award to


Spring:     Anthony Masi


Spring:     Hailey Cruz

Fall:         Kate Taylor


Spring:     Tyler Caruso

Fall:         Rockib Uddin


Spring:    Ela Pinar

Fall:         Jason Gill


Spring:    Nick Bilotti

Fall:         Kate Reagan


Spring:    Keon Morley

Fall:          Lizabeth Bamgboye


Spring:     Federica Nagar, Zoe O’Neil, Kavi Talwalkar, Stephanie Weber

Fall:           TBA