Next Generations → About

nextgen new symbolEach year, high school students from all across the district meet their peers, in order to have dialogue about important issues. The diverse backgrounds of students from urban to rural areas provides participants with a variety of perspectives on topics.  The workshops change annually based on student experiences and needs.

Next Generations Conference for 2019:

HERE is our 2015 conference video.

Applications are not open. Check back soon!


Attention Rotarians & Parents/ Guardians:  There will be a special session for Rotarians beginning at 4:30pm and Parents beginning at 4:45pm on the conference date.  In this session, you will learn about what students participated in and the purpose of our conference.

Leadership Positions

Student Directors: Selected by Rotary’s Next Generations Chairs & the previous conference’s Student Directors; Plan, execute, and facilitate the leaders and conference agenda and are overseen by the Next Generations Chairs.

Student Facilitators: Selected by Student Directors and approved by Next Generations Chairs; Take part in planning and assisting student directors.  They are the direct leaders of the workshops.

Conference Chairs (2018 – 2019):

John Coleman (Co-Chair)    Dave Ullman (Co-Chair)

Student Directors (2018 – 2019):

 Evani Dalal    Katie Spinnato


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