Rotaract → Clubs

Community Based Clubs:
– Rotaract Club of Stamford
— Chartered:
— Sponsor Rotary Club of Stamford
— President:
— Advisor: 

University Based Clubs
– Rotaract Club of Fairfield University, Fairfield
— Chartered: May 1, 2008
— Sponsor: Rotary Club of Fairfield
— President:
— Advisor: Christopher Johnson

– Rotaract Club of Norwalk Community College
— Chartered: March 22, 2011
— Sponsors: Rotary Clubs of Norwalk and Westport Sunrise
— President:
— Advisors:

– University of New Haven
— Charter
— Sponsor Rotary Club:
— President:
— Advisor:

– Rotaract Club of Quinnipiac University, Hamden
— Chartered: March 22, 2005
— Sponsor: Rotary Club of Hamden
— President: Hailey Cruz
— Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Elahee

– Rotaract Club of Sacred Heart University, Fairfield
— Chartered: March 22, 2010
— Sponsor: Rotary Club of Seymour-Oxford
— President: Dylan Molster
— Advisor: Dr. Kwamie Dunbar

– Rotaract Club of Western Connecticut State University, Danbury
— Chartered: May 4, 2007
— Sponsor: Rotary Club of Danbury Sunrise
— President:
— Advisors: Karen Tracy and Disha Damania

– Rotaract Club of Yale University, New Haven
— Chartered: May 21, 2003
— Sponsor: Rotary Club of New Haven
— President:
— Advisors: Dr. Iona Black and Colin Gershon

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